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This Week at the Mahone Bay Centre

September 14-21



Friday, September 14
9-10 am                                  Fitness with Heidrun                Room #111

Saturday, September 15
8-9:30 am                               Aikido                                             Gym #100
9:30-10:45 am                       Yoga with Tracy                           Dance Studio #408
11:30-12:30 pm                     Tai Chi                                            Gym #100
Noon-8 pm                            Mediterranean Supper              Kitchen
2-4 pm                                    Paul Seltzer Sing Along             Seniors Room #014
4-6 pm                                    Mediterranean Supper              Learning Centre #202

Sunday, September 16

Monday, September 17
All Day                                   Sally Warren Group               Seniors Room #014
9-10 am                                  Fitness with Heidrun           Room #111
5-6 pm                                   NIA                                             Dance Studio #408
6-7:15 pm                              Yoga                                           Dance Studio # 408
7 pm                                       MBC BOD Meeting                 Learning Centre #202

Tuesday, September 18
All Day                                      Sally Warren Group               Seniors Room #014
9-4 pm                                       Print Making                            Art Room #401
10 am – 11 am                          Maeva Dance                           Dance Studio #408
4-7 pm                                      Lisa Lelliot Yoga                      Room #403
4:45-8 pm                                 Maeva Dance                            Dance Studio #408
6-8 pm                                      Ditto’s                                          Gym #100

Wednesday, September 19
All Day                                   Sally Warren Group                      Seniors Room #014
9-10 am                                  Heidrun Fitness                             Room #111
10-11 am                                Chair Yoga                                       Learning Centre #202
10:30-Noon                            Lisa Lelliot Yoga                            Room #403
1-4 pm                                    Bridge                                               Kitchen
3-5 pm                                    Book Launch                                   Hennigar Rm #203
2-6:30 pm                               Sally Warren Group                     Learning Centre #202
2-3 pm                                    Tai Chi                                               Dance Studio #408
6-7:30pm                                Lisa Lelliot Yoga                            Room #403
6:30-7:30 pm                          Shannon yoga                                 Dance Studio #408
6:30-9 pm                                MICA                                                 Lg. Conf. Room #307
7-9 pm                                     Open House                                    Shambhala Room #406
7 pm                                        Food Bank Meeting                       Sm. Conf. Rm #300

Thursday, September 20
All Day                                     Sally Warren Group                     Seniors Room #014

Friday, September 21
All Day                                    Sally Warren Group                      Seniors Room #014
9-10 am                                  Fitness with Heidrun                    Room #111
10-11 am                                Chair Yoga                                        Learning Centre #202
10:30-Noon                           Yoga with Susan                               Room #403



Looking for a central location to host your next event?


The Mahone Bay Centre offers a variety of attractive, well-equipped spaces to meet the requirements of events and special functions of all descriptions. Many local organizations (e.g. Mahone Bay Community Arts; South Shore Players and others) have already partnered with the Centre to achieve very successful results!

For further information on how the Centre can assist you with your event or special function or to submit a proposal for consideration, please call the Centre at 902-624-0890 or contact John Merchant at

Please click here to view some of our exceptional facilities:rental spaces

We look forward to hearing from you!