Building at the heart of the community


Monday 29 May, 7:00pm

Annual General Meeting
of the
Mahone Bay Centre Society

Enjoy an informative evening:
Learn about the results of 2016 and plans for the future,
Meet and vote in the Board of Directors,
Refreshments served upon completion.

Special Contractor Presentation on the Tower Rehabilitation. 

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This week @The Mahone Bay Centre
& Gym

MBC May 24-31


Wednesday, May 24
9-3 pm                                    SSALT School                                Small Conf. Room #307
10-noon                                  SCANS                                             Hennigar Room #203
1-4 pm                                    Bridge                                              Seniors Room #014
1-4 pm                                    Helping Hands/VON                    Learning Centre #202
2-3 pm                                    Tai Chi Review                              Dance Studio
3:45-4:45 pm                         After the Bell                                 Gym #100
7-8:30 pm                               Badminton                                     Gym #100
7-9 pm                                    Open House                                   Shambhala Room #406Thursday, May 25
9-1pm                              SSALT School                                       Small Cong. RM $300
10-Noon                          SCANS                                                    Ralph Hennigar Rm #203
1-3 pm                             The Café                                                Seniors Room #14
1:30-4pm                         Life Writing Group                           Small Conf. RM #300
5:45-7pm                         Yoga with Amanda                            Dance Studio #408
4-8 pm                             EnPointe Cheer                                  Gym #100
7:30-9pm                         Amanda Ring Yoga                            Learning Centre #202

Friday, May 26
All Day                         The Art of Fashion Show                      Gym #100
10-11 am                       Chair Yoga                                               Learning Centre #202
10-Noon                        SCANS                                                       Ralph Hennigar Rm #203
10-Noon                        Moms and Tots                                       Seniors Room #014
Saturday, May 27
8:30-10 am                    Aikido                                                       Gym #100
9:30-10:45 am               Yoga with Tracy                                     Dance Studio #408
11-Noon                        Tai Chi                                                       Gym #100
1-2 pm                           NIA                                                             Dance Studio
Sunday, May 28
11-12:30 pm                  Badminton                                              Gym #100
1-4 pm                           South Shore Players                             Gym #100
Monday, May 29
10 am                          LLL Meeting                                               Small Conf. #300
2-4 pm                           Quest                                                         Small Conf. #300
5-6 pm                           NIA                                                             Dance Studio #408
6-7:15 pm                      Yoga with Tracy                                     Dance Studio #408
7 pm                              MBC AGM                                                 Hennigar Rm #203
6-8 pm                           EnPointe Cheer                                      Gym #100
Tuesday, May 30
6-8 pm                           Dittos                                                        Gym #100
Wednesday, May 31
9-3 pm                           SSALT School                                          Small Conf. Room #307
10-noon                         SCANS                                                      Hennigar Room #203
1-4 pm                             Bridge                                                     Seniors Room #014
2-3 pm                           Tai Chi Review                                       Dance Studio
3:45-4:45 pm                 After the Bell                                         Gym #100
7-9 pm                           Open House                                             Shambhala Room #406

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the MBC Grand Celebration presentation. The link for the power point presented by Chairman of the Board Michael Saker is below.



Job opportunity!

 Enthusiastic Exercise Class Seeks Trainer

The Mahone Bay Centre invites a certified fitness trainer to run exercise classes for a minimum of three days a week for a current class mainly comprised of active seniors. The opportunity includes occasional instruction on the proper use of equipment in our well-established fitness centre and additional opportunities to provide personal training instruction to members of this facility, adults of all ages. Please forward your resume to the Mahone Bay Centre by emailing or by mail at The Mahone Bay Centre, P.O. Box 489, 45 School Street, Mahone Bay, NS, B0J 2E0