100 years / 1910s

Young guns

Top Guns 300dpi

Early High Schoolers (photo credit Settlers Museum)


Many of these early high school students in 1908/09 went on to play important roles in the life of the school and town. Can you identify any of these old school pioneers? Leave a comment below.





(photo credit Settlers Museum)




(photo credit Settlers Museum)


Young Classes of the 1910s

Note the formal poses, mostly serious faces, and the “dress-up” smocks on some of the girls.

For more great photos and stories of the old school, see Bob Sayers “Mahone Bay Old School: A Life and Times.” Bob’s book was published by the Centre in 2008, and sold over 400 copies. It is 268 pages, 13×10, coil bound coffee table format, with photos on every page, and fully indexed. Copies will be available for sale ($35) in time for the July 4-6 gala weekend. Order yours at the Centre office by emailing welcome@mahonebaycentre.com