The Mahone Bay Centre, located in the town’s old heritage school, is home to a thriving arts and cultural community on the south shore of Nova Scotia. It offers artists’ studios, educational events, fitness, dance, meditation, as well as other programs and services to the people who live in, work in and visit the area.

Our Vision is to support and enhance the quality of life, and contribute to the economic and social well-being of Mahone Bay and neighbouring communities.

Our Mission is to develop the Mahone Bay Centre for the benefit of the greater Mahone Bay community for culture, recreation, life-long learning and community development. We maintain and manage the former Mahone Bay School building to fulfill our mission.

Our Goals are to support the above mission by:

  • being a democratic and open volunteer organization
  • offering a place for groups, individuals of all ages and organizations to reach their own goals
  • supporting the initiation of programs, services and resources
  • fostering the development of programs, services and resources for youth
  • being a meeting place open to the whole community

Read the story of the Centre.

Find files and information related to our visual identity.

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