Heather & Dr. David Abriel Room Project

The Mahone Bay Centre is honoured to upgrade and rename the Senior’s Room in recognition of the late David and Heather Abriel who are held in very high esteem for their tireless efforts within our community. We are grateful to all who have donated time and funds to this important project and helped us exceed our target of $25,000.  Contributions are still welcome by contacting the office at welcome@mahonebaycentre.org  

To view the list of donors click here Heather and David Abriel Room Fund Donations

The planned renovations consist of the following:

So what are the Abriel Room Renovations?

  • Removal of 160 feet of redundant steam heating piping from the ceiling (to reduce clutter)
  • Painting the ceiling with a new, brighter colour scheme (a very light aqua flat paint) and the remaining piping (heating, domestic water and sprinkler systems) with a slightly darker aqua colour
  • Painting all the walls, doors and wood trim.
  • New, brighter lighting throughout, including some task lighting for the stage
  • Replacing the two current washrooms with one accessible unisex washroom meeting all current code requirements
  • Upgrading plumbing and fixtures in the washrooms on the floor above (this has a direct impact on the ceiling below and must be done in conjunction)
  • Raising the floor of the stage to the level of the exterior entranceway
  • Installing a privacy wall with a pass-through and door separating the stage from the kitchenette
  • Installing some additional cupboards in the kitchenette
  • Installing some additional heaters and duplex electrical plugs
  • With the exception of the stage area (where a new flooring will be installed), the plan is to retain the current floor carpet after a post renovation commercial shampooing.

To date (21 December), the redundant steam heating piping has been removed and the 50 percent of the ceiling and remaining piping has been painted in the new colour scheme.

The plan is to keep the room in service for occasional rentals until such time as the nature of the work precludes this possibility. We hope to keep disruptions to a minimum.  We will keep you informed of our progress and plans.


Ceiling showing former black paint scheme to the left and the lighter
new scheme to the right.

Close-up view of the piping showing the new colour scheme


Close-up view of the piping showing the new colour scheme


Interior Concept Diagrams

3d inside main area

3d kitchen

3d stage to kitchen