Improvement Plan Update October 2015

As many of you will have observed and experienced some inconveniences, renovations at the Centre have been on the way for some months. Happily the end is in sight, but some elements like the kitchen will take a bit longer.

We appreciate your patience through this transitional period and would like to thank the few volunteers that have stepped up to help. Hundreds of hours have been involved through the entire summer. There will be more opportunities for volunteer assistance.

Much of the time required to complete these various projects is dependent on detailed professional planning, specifications, government regulations and requirements , sourcing product and the availability of contractors and volunteers.

The COMMUNITY ROOM – nearly completed. Work done includes removal of the previous dropped ceiling, rewiring, replumbing of heating runs, removal of old radiators, drywalling ceiling and walls, repairing the crown molding, painting and new corner tiles. The floor will be professionally rewaxed and we are awaiting delivery of 50 new chairs, a dedicated new projector and wi fi sound system.

The KITCHEN, the same work as above, but in this case the floor will be fully retiled and the kitchen relocated to the inner corner of the room so that users will be able to sit by the windows.
The kitchen will be set up to handle group events of up to fifty and be equipped with new cabinets, stoves, fridge, sinks and a high speed commercial dishwasher. This part of the room will be reserved for special events, cooking classes etc. For everyday use there will be a separate counter where the old blackboards were located. This will be set up for coffee and tea with its own small sink, fridge, household dishwasher and microwave.

The old HUB room – to become the Learning Centre will also get its own dedicated projector and access to the second wi -fi system together with 20 new chairs and individual desks for those wanting to hold training sessions etc. 40 of the old blue fabric will be kept in one of the side rooms for use as a back up to the community room, should there be need and the learning centre not in use at the time.

The LARGE CONFERENCE ROOM will get 100 new chairs, access to the second wi-fi sound system and its own dedicated new projector, which will be ceiling mounted.

You will also see that we now have THREE STAIRLIFTS to make both levels of the new school and the main floor of the old school accessible.

There are other plans afoot to improve WASHROOMS on the main floor of the old building and to improve the seniors room by removing redundant ceiling pipes and repainting. This will not happen until all of the above renovations are complete,

Meanwhile, the PARKING LOT has been resurfaced and we are in the process of implementing a NEW PARKING AND LANDSCAPING plan required under our development agreement by the regional parking authority.