Kelly Wilson

Kelly Wilson.  Originally from northern Ontario, Kelly arrived in Mahone Bay from North China in 1999. An engineer by training (Waterloo), a brewer and general manager by vocation (Labatt, San Miguel) Kelly spent thirty years in the beer business managing breweries and logistics systems. Working in Canada (all provinces with a brewery), Lusaka Zambia, China, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and (very briefly) Australia.

The last nineteen years here in ‘the bay’ have seen Kelly consult (for money) in Puerto Rico, and pro bono through CESO in a variety of locations including Romania, Serbia, and the Philippines. In the early going Kelly also started up and subsequently sold a small business. Locally Kelly has been active as a volunteer (VON, Coastal Action Foundation, and most local festivals) and last, but not least, Kelly served one reasonably productive year on municipal council. He is married with children.