The story of the Centre

In the year 2000, the new Bayview School opened, leaving the old school redundant and a group of visionary citizens saw an exciting future for the empty, unwanted structure.

The Mahone Bay Centre Society was formed, and a mission was articulated to establish a non-profit, self-supporting, vibrant community centre. One that would be a gathering place reflecting the diverse interests of people throughout Lunenburg County. Some rooms of which would be rented on a permanent basis to pay for operating costs. Some rooms would be reserved for occasional users from the community and some space would be available at no charge for special needs. Stimulating programs would be developed in response to the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the community.

The original vision is coming to fruition:

  • We have grown from a handful of visionary workers in 2001 to a growing and thriving group of volunteers.
  • From a structurally sound, but decaying and un-insulated building, we have created and maintained a comfortable and functional space for community activities.
  • From an empty building in 2001, we now house permanent tenants, as well as several dozen organizations, artisans, and businesses as occasional users every month.

Scores of volunteers, devoting many hours of labor and creative energy, have been instrumental in achieving this growth.

People from all corners of Lunenburg County come to participate in a wide variety of activities held at the Centre. What they find is a fitness gym, classes in the visual arts, dance, yoga, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, parties, theatre, lectures, seminars, club meetings, youth and senior activities, music, festivals, antique shows, training sessions, Chamber of Commerce Scarecrow and Father Christmas activities, receptions, the food bank, family assistance and social service agencies, recreational and personal growth opportunities, an Alternative School, and more.