Tower Restoration

September 2nd, 2016 Some Before and After Bell Tower Photos

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“What’s Going on at the Centre?”

This is an oft heard cry these days as visitors arriving at the Centre confront scaffolding around the old school tower, seemingly rising to the heavens.  Actually it is only extending to the top of the tower roof, but that’s high enough to tackle the latest project at the Centre — the Rehabilitation of the Bell Tower — in this 101 year old landmark building.

The tower is the last portion of this former town school to receive a face lift following the take-over of the property by the Mahone Bay Centre Society in 2001. It has taken 15 years to reach this final portion of the building, clearly the most difficult area to access.

The project involves:

  • reshingling the tower peak roof with “life-time” aluminum shingles,
  • replacing the promenade railings; and
  • scraping, repairing, replacing as required, and painting the wood trim and cedar shingling from the top of the tower down to the sill where the tower structure rests on the building foundation, including the portions of the north wall of the building extending approximately six feet either side of the tower.

The work, which is planned to run from 4 July till 31 August (with a possible weather extension till mid September) is under the direction of Chase Sutherland General Contracting, engaging a team of contractors:

  • Scaffolding provided by AGF Access
  • Roof provided by Maritime Permanent Roofing
  • Carpentry and millwork provided by Tilia Builders
  • Paint prep and painting/finishing detail done by Chase Sutherland General Contracting
  • Replicated Mouldings provided by Amos wood products
  • fasteners, tooling supplies and paint provided by Castle
  • Project management done by Chase Sutherland General Contracting

More information to follow.  Stay tuned and watch the progress of this exciting project.


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